3D Campus Map

In preparation for Learning Spaces Week, the HILT Teaching and Learning Consortium and their collaborators across schools and units helped identify exemplar learning spaces at Harvard via an interactive map tool. With the help of the Office of Planning and Project Management and the Center for Geographic Analysis, over 60 learning spaces have been plotted on the below 3D maps, available to the Harvard community as a short-term resource during Learning Spaces Week, and ideally a master database and repository for long-term reference. 

The Cambridge/Allston and Longwood maps, still in beta, are below. Cambridge/Allston spaces will be featured on Monday (green), Tuesday (yellow), and Thursday (red). Longwood spaces will be featured on Wednesday (dark blue). All other spaces identified are light blue.

Use your mouse button to turn and change direction. Use the mouse scroll wheel or two fingers to zoom in and out. Please see the key at right for additional navigation help. 

Have other spaces to contribute? Feedback welcome! hilt@harvard.edu