2013-2016 Spark Grants

Semesterly 2013-2016 Spark Grants of $5K-$15K were designed to help "spark" promising teaching and learning projects from idea to reality and position innovations for future success.

Evaluating methods of teaching and assessing critical thinking: A mixed methods study of faculty and students across Harvard University

Awardees: Margaret Hayes (HMS-BIDMC), Suzanne Cooper (HKS), Richard Schwartzstein (HMS), Amy Sullivan (HMS), and William Wisser (HGSE)

Summary: Awardees will conduct a mixed methods study analyzing the teaching and learning of critical thinking skills at Harvard—the differences in approaches across Schools, and faculty and student perceptions of critical thinking instruction and assessment.

Transforming team-learning teaching cases in public health for online platforms: an e-learning module development project

Awardees: S. Bryn Austin (HMS-CH), Chris Dede (HGSE), Holly Gooding (HMS-CH)

Summary: Awardees transformed STRIPED teaching cases for online delivery, consistent with digital learning research and toward expanded outreach to working professionals.

Bottom-up pedagogy

Awardees: Jon Hanson and Jacob Lipton (HLS)

Summary: Awardees will develop, expand, and improve a new approach to legal education (and higher education generally) that is more problem-oriented, team-driven, and experiential than are traditional and conventional pedagogical methods.