DON’T leave scheduling and staffing to the last minute, but still be prepared to be flexible

In almost every space showcased, staffing – the lack there of, or need for specific individuals to maintain a space – was a consistent challenge. In certain spaces, there is one dedicated person to schedule and maintain the space. 

Longfellow 319

At Harvard Graduate School of Education, Mike Goodwin shared that not enough consideration went into the scheduling of recently renovated Longfellow 319/320. The flexible, flat classroom features an “air wall” that can split the large 120-person space into two classrooms -- but it requires a minimum of 30 minutes to put up and take down, and the buffer was not built into scheduling requests for the spring semester. In addition, he emphasized that staff must count on additional time to wipe down surfaces. The same room in Longfellow Hall has over 400 ft of writable surfaces -- creating endless possibilities for student engagement in class, and headaches for the custodial staff who must furiously erase while faculty wait to begin their class.